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Build a better body with Biocommunication

Feel your best by listening to your body

You know your body best, so it's easy to tell when you're not operating at 100%. However, there are times when the underlying reasons for your discomfort may not be evident. If you're looking for an innovative way to give your body a voice, then ZYTO Testing may be an excellent option for you.


ZYTO Testing measures your body's response to subtle stimuli sent out from a computer. Your responses to these stimuli are recorded and processed, allowing your body to "talk back" to the stimuli. A trained ZYTO Tester can evaluate your responses and help you to target your care based on your body's answers for a personalized care plan.

Discover a new way to handle pain

From persistent pain to nagging ailments, ZYTO testing is designed to help your caregiver target specific treatment plans to suit your needs for enhanced health and wellness. The better the treatment plan, the better your chances of seeing improvements.

ZYTO Testing

 •  Painless Biocommunication

 •  Natural treatments

 •  No Guessing

 •  Personalized care

Take your wellness care to the next level

Murphy Chiropractic and Wellness will use ZYTO Testing in conjunction with our adjustments, massage, acupuncture, and/or nutrition initiatives to bring you a full spectrum of treatment options.  Contact Murphy Chiropractic and Wellness now to schedule your appointment to get ZYTO Testing!

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