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Suffering from chronic pain is not normal. Don't deal with your pain any longer — visit Murphy Chiropractic and Wellness for chiropractic care that the whole family can enjoy. We have adjusted whole families and we've also made some lifetime clients with our methods!


Dr. Jennifer Murphy employs a light force technique that uses the Activator Method of spinal adjustment, along with an instrument, to make your adjustments. This means that the technique is safe and effective for anyone (from toddlers to seniors), so your adjustments are comfortable.

Enjoy a full range of Chiropractic care

• Activator methods

• Ultrasound

• Kinesio-taping

• Flexible scheduling

30 years of care

Murphy Chiropractic and Wellness has over 30 years of combined chiropractic experience. You're sure to be in good hands with our team no matter how old you are!

Find the perfect complement to your Chiropractic care

Murphy Chiropractic and Wellness does more for your overall health and wellness, than just Chiropractic adjustments. You can find soothing, restorative massages, indulge in the healing powers of acupuncture, or uncover new ways to boost your wellness with a revised diet. Call Murphy Chiropractic and Wellness today for your appointment with our team!

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Murphy Chiropractic and Wellness

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• Muscle stimulation

• Massages

• Manual techniques

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