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Find a fantastic alternative

to standard medical care

Find the relief you've been craving for with acupuncture

If you've been seeing a traditional doctor, and your symptoms haven't improved; it may be time to seek an alternative. Try a relaxing and rejuvenating acupuncture session and reap the healing benefits of this ancient form of medicine.  


Murphy Chiropractic and Wellness offers you a variety of acupuncture techniques to ensure your total comfort during treatment. Our non-needle techniques are safe for infants, and we have acupuncture treatments available for anyone — from toddlers to seniors.

Enjoy a variety of techniques:

• Needle techniques: Traditional Chinese technique

Taoist technique


FREE mat session

Take a spin on our Bio-Mat for FREE after any acupuncture session. Let Far Infrared Rays revive your body!

Acupuncture needle

Make your acupuncture treatments go the extra mile

Ready to quit smoking? Tired of fad and yo-yo dieting? Murphy Chiropractic and Wellness can get you the results you're looking for! You can pair acupuncture with hypnosis for outstanding success rates on smoking cessation and weight loss! Contact Dr. Jen Murphy or Dr. Norma Murphy today to schedule an appointment, or to learn more about these exciting classes!

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• Non-needle techniques: Micro-current acupuncture

Ear electro-acupuncture