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Fitness foundation

Find freedom from pain

with a stronger foundation

Start your journey to fitness with the proper foundation

From "serious" to "every day" athletes, movement is simply a necessity. However, these everyday patterns of movement could be responsible for your recurring pain, specifically,

hard-to-handle back pain. This simple, effective personal training can help you find relief.


When nothing else seems to help, it's time to turn to Foundation Training. This safe and effective treatment helps you to correct the movement patterns that cause you pain, naturally allowing your back to heal and build strength that keeps joints and muscles aligned, stabilized, and strong

It takes just one class to get started

Foundation training introduces you to easy and fundamental exercises that engage specific muscles through static, compressive movements. These compressions help build core strength so that you get a rock-steady and stable core, that helps support your other muscles for increased strength.

Back pain

A new foundation

 •  Core strength

 •  Pain remediation

 •  Better workouts

 •  Increased energy


Pain is scary — you don't have to be a victim

If pain has pushed you to the limit, Murphy Chiropractic and Wellness can combine Foundation Training with massage, acupuncture, and nutrition treatments to increase your overall health and wellness. Contact Dr. Jen Murphy or Dr. Norma Murphy today to learn more! One introductory class in Foundation Training is required for further participation so you can learn the basics.

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